The Schnitzel Parlour and Chocolaterie Fackelmann

The Schnitzel Parlour and Chocolaterie Fackelmann are pleased to offer a special 50/50 Charitable Giving Program, available to registered charities.  We’ve implemented this program in response to the volume of requests for donations we receive.  We’re pleased to offer Gift certificates for our delicious gourmet Truffles or for a dinner at our restaurant at 50% of fair market value.  The following guidelines apply: 
  • The Gift certificate must be used for a fundraising event with proceeds going directly to the charity. 
  • We will match your contribution. For example, if you pay $25 we will give you a Gift certificate valued at $50. 
  • We require a minimum of one week’s notice.
  • You will be responsible for picking up the Gift certificate (or pay for mailing outside of Fredericton). 
  • The Schnitzel Parlour and Chocolaterie Fackelmann reserves the right to decline any request made for a donation. 
  • We will contact you within two days of receiving your request.
  1. We will need a written request on the charity’s letterhead.
  2. Print out and complete the "50-50 Charitable Giving Form" - click here to obtain the form.
  3. Submit written request (see #1 ) and completed form (see #2) to us by bringing it in person or faxing to (506) 450-2530.